Aluminum Rail
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A typical rail system can be configured as a simple monorail for in line point to point positioning of the load or a dual runway-bridge crane (x-y) system for servicing an entire work area. See our EZ-Glide 180™.

picture: Cross-Section of a Rail

picture: Length-Wise View of a Rail
Model: EP-AR18-XX
Our monorail-runway rails are configured in one foot increments, up to 20 ft. If longer rail configuration is required our field installed splice joints are the solution. See load capacity table for correct rail sizing. Curved rail is also available for monorail configurations.

Bridge Cranes
The bridge systems are designed to run on our aluminum runways utilizing articulated end trucks, providing entire work area access (x-y). picture: Bridge Cranes Supporting an Aluminum Rail
Model: EP-ARB2-XX

This system facilitates the operator in precisely positioning the load by moving or skewing the bridge crane over the load vs where the bridge crane must be moved on conventional I-beam runway bridge systems.

Telescoping bridges are also available where the load must be moved under an interference. Telescoping bridges have limited length to load capacity due to the offset cantilever load.

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