Aluminum Rail Bridge Cranes Hangers Trolleys Accessories
(a) End Caps / Stops
Our standard end cap features a rubber bumper stop for absorbing trolley impact. Also available are dual end stops for additional safety, shock absorber equipped end stops, and mid-rail stops for work area division are also available.


picture: End Caps and a Rail Taken Apartpicture: End Caps Assembled with the Rail

(b) T-Slot Bolt Kit
Our rail is uniquely configured with 2 parallel T-Slots per side, this allows flexibility in side or inverse mounting of the rail or where the integrator end user requires mounting of the equipment directly to rail.

(c) Rail Splice Kit
Used to join rails (runway/ monorail).

picture: T-Slot Unassembled from Rail(c)picture: Rail Splice Kit
(d) Air Hose Supply Kit
Kit is available for both runway/ monorail and bridge cranes. These kits come complete with the necessary coil hose, brackets, runner cable, tensioners required to supply air to the rail system. Rail air hose supply kit includes: Regulator, Brackets(2), Tag Line, Coil Hose (40 ft.) Turn Buckles (2) and Fitting. Bridge air hose supply kit includes:Bracket, Coil Hose and Fittings (Please indicate length).
picture: Air Hose Supply Kit

Bridge Brace
All dual bridge configurations require at least one bridge brace.

Curved Rail
We offer a variety of curved rail configurations for monorail systems.

Rail Switch
Also available are rail switches where the customer requires transfer from one monorail to another.

Electrical Cable Kits
These kits available in a buss bar or flat cable configuration upon special order.

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